Embibe gathers data regarding the time you spend on each question while you are practicing or taking test on the platform. This helps us to identify the questions where you have spent more time and yet got them wrong, thereby causing loss of both marks and time. These questions are called Overtime Incorrect Attempts. Because of Overtime Incorrect Attempts, students are unable to complete the paper and lose a lot of marks at the same time.

Embibe's Practice Your Overtime Incorrects is a personalized score improvement pack that includes:

  • All the time bound questions that messed up your accuracy and speed

  • Hints and detailed solutions for every question as well as time required to solve them

Practice these questions to improve your time management skill as well as accuracy

You can unlock this pack using Embiums.

However, if you use JUMP or RANKUP, this pack will be automatically unlocked for you. All other score improvement packs will also be unlocked.

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