Embibe has a massive data warehouse that contains lakhs of questions asked in hundreds of competitive exams as well as millions of students' test attempt data, all tagged to 15,000 concepts in our Knowledge Tree. We look at the insights from all the data we collect and create packs based on three things:

  1. Previous Year Question Papers which helps us to identify the trends and patterns about the construction of the overall paper
  2. Statistical Mistakes Made By Students which helps us to identify where students are most likely to go wrong and what is holding them back
  3. Syllabus And Nature Of Content which enables us to identify important concepts where students are most likely to make careless mistakes or go overtime in.

Once this information is available, it is processed to see which questions would be the most useful for a student and packs are created keeping that in mind. Students using these packs have done really well in the exams of their choosing!

If you subscribe to JUMP, all the score improvement packs will be automatically unlocked for you.

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