After you login to RANKUP, you will be led to the Assessment tab. There are two other tabs on RANKUP, namely, Summary and Improvement, the functionality of which will be discussed later. In the Assessment tab, you can see:

  • Your dream college 
  • Score needed to get into that college 
  • Your current score if you have already taken a test; if you haven't taken a test, the current score will be blank

Getting started with RANKUP

You can start your preparation on RANKUP by either of the two:

  • Taking a test
  • Selecting topics that you want to improve on

We recommend you to take a test as it will help you identify the areas you are lagging behind. It will also unlock all other features of RANKUP.

However, if you do not want to take a test, you can go to the Select Topics To Improve (STI) and improve on any topic you want to. We will explain this feature of RANKUP at the end of this article.


Follow the steps as under to take a test on RANKUP:

  • Click on Take A Test. You will be taken to the test page of Assessment.
  • Select the type of test you want to take. You can take :

                    a. Chapterwise Test if you have just started your preparation
                    b. 11th Revision Test
if you have finished the syllabus of Class 11 and want to revise

                    c. Full Test if you have finished the whole syllabus and want to see where you stand

  • Once you have selected the test type, you will see a list of tests. Click on Start Test to take the test you want to.
  • Once you have finished the exam, you will be given the Exam Summary and then the Advanced Test Analysis of your test which includes Score and Time Analysis and Solutions and Conceptwise Analysis

In depth: Read more about Advanced Test Analysis here.

What's next?

Based on your performance in the test, RANKUP tells you where you stand and guides you on how to go about with your preparation so that you can get into your dream college. 

Since your exam score depends upon your Academic Knowledge and your Test Taking Skills, RANKUP guides you separately to improve on these two factors. These are available on the Improvement tab of RANKUP.


On the Improvement tab, RANKUP gives you the strategy to improve your test taking skills. Here, it tells you: 

  • The current value of the parameters, like First Look Accuracy, Overtime Attempts, Wasted Attempts, etc. that are causing you to lose marks 
  • The target value of the same parameters based on your potential and the resulting score improvement
  • The strategy that is required for you to improve on these parameters

Follow these personalized instructions diligently to improve your test taking skills, which in turn will result in your score improvement.

Protip: Students following these instructions have improved their test taking skills and seen 39 percent increment in their score.


RANKUP narrows down your scope for study by selecting 10 chapters based on the concepts and topics you are weak at as well as on the relevance to the exam. It then generates Personalized Practice Packs (PPP) with 30-50 questions per chapter that includes: 

  • Most important questions from the topic/concept/chapter you are weak at
  • Previous years' questions from the topic/concept/chapter you are weak at 

Practicing these PPPs will help you master these topics. It will also reflect in your Effort Rating which in turn will help you to understand where you stand

In this section, RANKUP also recommends a list of topics that you need to revise.

In depth: Read more about RANKUP's Personalized Academic Revision here.

Once you have followed these three steps, take another test. Repeat the cycle until you have reached a position to get into your dream college or even update your dream college. You can always check which college and branch you are likely to get with your current score in the Summary tab of RANKUP.

Improving on selected topics

RANKUP's Select Topics To Improve (STI) allows you to search any topic that you would want to improve on. RANKUP also recommends a list of topics which includes the most frequently selected topics by all students on RANKUP as well as the most important topics. Once you have selected the topics, RANKUP will generate special practice sessions with handpicked questions for you on the selected topics. You can select more than one topics at a time to improve.

In depth: Find out more about Select Topics To Improve here.

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