RANKUP Tour provides you:

  • The option to Take A Test
  • Personalized Practice Packs based on your performance

If you have already taken a valid test and then signed up for RANKUP, the PPPs will be already generated for you and you won't be able to take another test.

What happens if you haven't taken a test yet?

If you haven't taken any valid test, once you have applied for RANKUP, you will be led to the RANKUP Tour page.

Clicking on Take A Test will take you to the test page from where you can start taking a test.

What's next?

Based on the concepts you are weak at (mistakes you made in the test, questions you did not attempt, etc.) as well as based on the relevance to the exam, Personalized Practice Packs (PPP) will be generated for you which will contain:

  • The most important questions from the topics/concepts/chapters you are weak at
  • Previous years' questions from the topics/concepts/chapters you are weak at

The PPPs will also contain practice packs on other concepts and topics related to the concepts and topics you are weak at.

For example, if you have taken a chapterwise test on Motion In One Dimension, practice packs will be generated not only for Motion In One Dimension but also on other related chapters like Circle and Binomial Theorem as shown in the above picture.

Solving the PPPs will help you improve and master on the areas you are lagging behind, which in turn will help in score improvement. 

However, in order to have access to the practice packs, you will have to make the payment and purchase RANKUP.

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