JEE Advanced always gets creative with its questions, marking scheme and question type, that has often made students' hearts skip a beat in the exam halls. This is why Embibe has created different packs for different question types which will allow you to practice them and gear you up for your exam.

Multiple Choice Questions or MCQs are the most common type of questions where each question can have both single and multiple correct answer/s from the given options. This requires you to read the question carefully before selecting your answer/s. 

Embibe's Practice Multiple Choice Questions pack contains:

  • Specially curated questions which appear most frequently in the exam

  • Hints and detailed solution for every question

Practicing these questions on this pack will help you tackle their trickiness better and improve your score.

You can unlock this pack using Embiums. However, subscribing to our products, JUMP or RANKUP will automatically unlock this score improvement pack. All other score improvement packs will also be unlocked with these products.

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