What are Integer Type Questions?

The Integer Type Questions are a kind of questions asked in JEE Advanced where the answer is an integer. Unlike the Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) where you have to select one of the four options for a given question, the Integer Type Questions do not provide any clue. You only know that the answer is an integer. Also, whether or not your answer is correct depends upon what approximations you take during your calculation/solution. As a result, students tend to lose a lot of marks in these questions.  

Here's how an Integer Type Question will look like:

How can Embibe help me to master this type of questions?

Since Embibe has a massive data warehouse containing lakhs of questions from thousands of exams, we have been able to create a special pack covering all the possible kinds of questions in the integer type segment

With the Practice Integer Type Questions pack, you will be able to tackle these questions in your JEE Advanced exams with ease and confidence.

The pack also provides hints and detailed solutions for each of the questions in the pack.

If you are a JUMP or RANKUP subscriber, this pack, along with many other score improvement packs and features, will be automatically unlocked for you.

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