What are Matrix Match Questions?

Matrix Match questions are asked in JEE Advanced wherein there are two columns, each column having several rows. The contents of Column I are to be matched with the contents of Column II which are placed randomly. 

A single matrix match question is as difficult as 2 or 3 single choice MCQs in one. This is because you have to be careful with each and every option in the columns. A single careless mistake could mean tragedy for 2 rows instead of just 1 or none at all!

Here is how a Matrix Match Question looks like:

Solving these questions requires a keen mind, and a lot of practice. 

How can Embibe help me to master this type of questions?

Embibe has designed the Practice Matrix Match Questions pack to ensure enough practice and to infuse confidence before you step into the JEE Advanced exam hall.

Matrix type questions constitute a great deal of marks and using this pack will solve a major problem which will result in your marks also jumping ahead!

The pack also provides hint and detailed solutions for every question.

You can unlock this pack using Embiums. However, if you are a JUMP or RANKUP subscriber, this pack, along with all other score improvement packs and various other features like Advanced Test Analysis and Compare With Rankers will be automatically unlocked for you.

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