What are Linked Comprehension Questions?

Linked Comprehension Questions are a type of questions asked in JEE Advanced which holds 3 or more questions based on a single problem. If you get even 1 question wrong, you’re in for a lot of trouble because the subsequent questions will usually require the information you have gathered by solving the preceding question. But if you would have solved the first one, getting through the next 2 or 3 will be easier. That also means more scores for you!

Here's how an Linked Comprehension Question will look like:

Students usually tend to lose marks in this type of questions.

How can Embibe help me master this type of questions?

There are lakhs of questions stored in Embibe's data warehouse. These questions have been selected from thousands of exams. Embibe has been able to create a special pack containing all possible kinds of questions in the Linked Comprehension type. Practice the questions in the Linked Comprehension Question pack to improve your score and boost your confidence!

The pack also contains hints and detailed solutions for every question.

You can unlock this pack using Embiums. However, if you are a JUMP or RANKUP subscriber, this pack and all other score improvement packs will be automatically unlocked for you.

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